After seven decades the Chemex still stands as an icon of form and function in the coffee community. With its timeless organic aesthetics and simple genius, the Chemex is a beautiful addition to any barista’s brewing kit. Not only does it deliver the hallmark aromatic bouquet of freshly brewed coffee, but because the process utilizes thicker filters than other pour-over methods, the resulting flavor is uniquely rich. 


First we’ll take a look at what you need to get started: 


  • 5-10 minutes
  • Chemex & Filter
  • 42 grams Coffee & Grinder
  • 700+ grams Boiling Water
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Stir Stick


Proportions are very important for this method – 17:1 water to coffee is the standard. It’s recommended that you work out the amounts of water to coffee that you’ll need ahead of time. If you’re new to this method, it’s a good idea to start recording the ratios used in creating different flavors. we’ll use 700 grams of water and 42 grams of coffee. 


Step 1

You may have noticed the plus sign behind the amount of water in the instructions above. You’ll only use 700 grams of water for the brew, but you’ll need a bit more to wet your filter, so make sure to plan accordingly. Bring the water to a boil. In the meantime, you will prepare the beans and apparatus. 


Step 2

Using your scale, measure out 42 grams of coffee. If using whole beans, make sure to grind the beans to a size in between a drip grind and a French press grind. For less experienced brewers, grind to a size comparable to Kosher salt. If this too is foreign, do a quick web search on coffee grind sizes for help. 


Step 3

Unfold and insert the filter making sure that the triple-fold is facing the spout. Dampen the filter with hot water. Discard filtered water. 


Step 4

Place the apparatus on the scale. Pour the ground coffee into the center of the filter and zero the scale. 


Step 5

This step is a series of three pours. Ready the timer. 

1st pour – 45 sec. This pour is to wet the grounds and allow them to “bloom.” It's important to wet all the grounds in this step. Stirring is encouraged. 

2nd pour – 1 min. This pour will reintegrate the brew. Pour until the volume is within a fingertip from the top rim and make sure all grounds get an even exposure. 

3rd pour – After the 2nd pour is complete, fill the Chemex within a fingertip from the top rim as many times as needed to completely use the 700 grams water. 


Step 6

Remove filter and serve! ENJOY!


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