Uniquely smooth and rich flavors that conventional coffee machines simply cannot achieve?


First you’ll need to put aside about 5 minutes of your day – we know you’re a busy person, so we tried to keep it minimal for you. Once you’ve successfully scheduled yourself a 5-minute time block to brew your coffee, we can begin this therapeutic practice.


What you’ll need for this journey besides an Aeropress:


  • Timer
  • Tamper (a knife will work)
  • Coffee beans (you'll need a grinder if you use whole beans)
  • Kitchen scale (highly encouraged but at discretion of the user)
  • Kettle or pot to heat water
  • Aeropress paper coffee filter
  • Cup/mug to press brewed coffee into

Step 1 – Heat the water (2-3 cups) to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93.3 degrees Celsius). While your water is heating up, we will ready the press.


Step 2 – Depending on how strong you like your coffee, use the scale to weigh out 15-18 grams of coffee (more grams = stronger brew). Grind the coffee to a texture that is slightly finer than sea salt.


Step 3 – Locate your press and unscrew the detachable plastic cap. Insert a paper filter and then (over your cup/mug or the sink) slowly pour some of your hot water through the filter. The purpose of this step is to adhere the filter to the cap and heat your brewing vessel. *BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF*


Step 4 – Making certain your Aeropress is dry, assemble the device. Note than any moisture can compromise the device’s seal.


Step 5 – Place the assembled Aeropress on your scale with the wider end up (the numbers should be upside-down). Zero the scale.


Step 6 – Making sure not to spill any of the grounds onto the ring-shaped gutter, carefully add the ground coffee. If you do spill, make sure to clean off the gutter before moving on. Note the weight readout on the scale.


Step 7 – Ready a timer for 30 seconds. Pour twice the weight of water than you have grounds into the device and tamp the grounds until the coffee is evenly saturated. Once evenly saturated, remove from scale and start timer.


Step 8 – After 30 seconds, fill the remainder of the chamber with hot water. Wait 1 minute then stir the grounds 8-10 times to agitate.


Step 9 – Tightly fasten the cap. Place your cup/mug over the cap such that once you flip the entire apparatus, the cup/mug will receive the brewed coffee seamlessly. Press the coffee with moderate force (approx. 30 lbs. of resistance) until you hear a hissing sound. Hissing indicates that all the water has been pressed.


Step 10 – Unscrew the cap and press the final inch to pop out the condensed coffee puck and filter.



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