Bialetti Moka Pot

Express Espresso is what you’re in for with a Bialetti Moka Pot. Patented by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933, the Bialetti Moka Pot is globally renowned for its iconic design and engineering genius. Comprised of 3 main parts—top chamber, bottom chamber, and filter/basket—this pint-sized percolator is the modern coffee connoisseur’s ticket to a quick cup of moka brew. 


What you’ll need: 

5-8 min 

Bialetti Moka Pot (varies in size) 

Coffee & Grinder 

Cold/lukewarm Water 

Scale (familiarity) 


Because the moka pot is built to specific cup sizes, you don’t have to use a scale to measure out ingredients. The standard ratio of 1:7 is built into the design of the pot. That said, it’s helpful to know amounts for beginners. For this guide we’ll use a 3-cup pot, which is 12.8g of coffee. 


Step 1

Grind your coffee to a very fine consistency, just a touch larger than that used for traditional machine-made espresso. 


Step 2

Separate the 3 parts of your Moka pot. Find the safety release valve or water fill line on the bottom chamber. Fill with water until just below this point. Don't exceed this point! 


Step 3

Insert the basket into the pot and fill with ground coffee. Make sure to fill the basket entirely and evenly. Clear the lip of any stray grounds. 


Step 4

Tightly screw the top and bottom chambers together and place on stove. 


Step 5

Use medium heat. It’s all too easy to use high heat and bring the water to a boil as fast as possible but try to resist. Heating too quickly can result in a sludgy consistency with a chemical flavor. For open flame, ensure the flame remains underneath the bottom chamber. For electric stoves, place the pot near the outer edge of the heating element to prevent the handle from heating up. 


Step 6

As the water boils, rich brown espresso will sputter from the center spout. Once the top chamber is filled and you hear a hissing, bubbling sound, the brew is complete. Serve and enjoy!  

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