Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is one of the simplest and most consistent methods for quenching a cool coffee thirst. This balanced and refreshing drink indulges even the most particular caffeine aficionados with a delightfully smooth and mellow flavor thanks to a lengthy steep time of up to 24 hours. It’s well worth the wait! With such low acidity in the resulting brew, not only is the flavor distinctly satisfying, but it’s also much easier for the body to process. Additionally, cold brew is very good for making concentrate, meaning you’ll save both time and money simply by brewing in bulk. Okay. Enough hype. Let’s make it happen!


What you’ll need:

  • 12-24 hr (Steep time)
  • Cold Brew Kit – coffee carafe, water bowl, stopper, filter pad, coffee guard
  • 340 g (12 oz or 3/4 lb) Coffee & Grinder
  • 1590 g (56 oz or 1.5 liters) Water
  • Decanter
  • Scale


Before you commit to the amounts of coffee and water, double-check the amount of water your carafe can hold and adjust the coffee accordingly. The amounts of coffee and water indicated will produce a concentrated cold brew with a ratio of 1:2 coffee to water.


Step 1

Prepare the cold brew carafe. First, insert the rubber stopper into the plug hole at the bottom of the carafe. Then, rinse and seat the filter pad snugly in place inside the carafe. When placed correctly, there should be a small dome in the center of the pad. When not using the filter pad, make sure to store it in cold water.


Step 2

Measure and grind 390 g of coffee to the size of breadcrumbs, then pour into the coffee carafe. Evenly spread the coffee.


Step 3

Insert the coffee guard directly on top of the coffee grounds. The guard helps keep the coffee bed flat and ensures an even saturation of the coffee.


Step 4

Fit the water bowl in place over the coffee carafe then add 1590 g water.


Step 5

Let the coffee steep in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours. We recommend a 16 hr steep.


Step 6

Decant the cold brew by unplugging the stopper at the bottom of the coffee carafe. This should take approximately 30-45 min. Remember, this guide produces a concentrate of 1:2 coffee to water, so make sure to dilute the final brew appropriately before serving.


Step 7


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