Ceramic Pour Over

Simple sophistication is what the ceramic pour over coffee dripper promises with its rich, bright, and clear flavor profile. Its beautiful design and intuitive approach to brewing delivers a methodical and relaxing experience while the unique craftsmanship allows for a perfectly personalized cup with every brew.


What you’ll need:


  • 5-8 min
  • Ceramic Coffee Dripper & Filter
  • Coffee & Grinder
  • Kettle & Hot Water (highly recommended to control pour)
  • Carafe or Cup
  • Scale
  • Timer


There is no standard coffee to water ratio for this method due to the variability of the results, but the accepted range is between 1:15-1:20 respectively. Make sure you work the numbers before getting started and if you’re new to this method, it’s a good idea to start recording the ratios used in creating different flavor. This guide will use a ratio of 1:15 which amounts to 23 g coffee and 350 g water. You’ll need an additional amount of water to dampen and heat the filter.


Step 1

Boil 350+ g (recommended 600 g) water. While this is happening, you can prepare the drip.


Step 2

Measure and grind 23g coffee to the size of Kosher salt.


Step 3

Seat the filter in the ceramic dripper then wet the filter with the extra heated water (over a carafe or sink). This preheats the filter and allows for a more even saturation of the grounds. Discard the water.


Step 4

Pour the coffee grounds into the filter and make sure the grounds sit evenly. Place the ceramic dripper on top of your carafe or cup then place the entire apparatus on the scale. Zero the scale.


Step 5

This is a series of 4 pours. Ready your timer.

1st Pour (15 sec) – The “bloom” should be poured in a spiral pattern starting from the outer edge working inward towards the center. You will pour 60 g of water during this pour.

~Wait 30 sec~

2nd Pour (1 min) – You’ll add 90 g of water during this pour. Start the pour in the center of the grounds and spiral outward towards the rim. Allow the grounds to settle before beginning the third pour.

3rd Pour (20 sec) – Pour 100 g of water in the same spiral pattern as the second pour. Then allow the grounds to settle again before starting the last pour.

4th Pour (20 sec) – Add the final 100 g of water and allow for the water to filter entirely.


Step 6

Remove the dripper, serve and enjoy!

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