Although the coffee siphon or vacuum pot may look space-age, this novel contraption has been around for over a century. Consisting of 5 major elements—the bulb (bottom), stand with a clamp, filter, hopper (top), and heating source—the siphon is a classic example of basic physics principles in action. For the sake of this guide, we’ll spare you the physics lesson and simply give you the how-to on this eye-catching operation. 


What you’ll need: 

5-8 min 

Siphon rig (Rig size varies. Adjust ratios accordingly) 

Coffee & Grinder 

Boiling water 



Stir stick 


The standard ratio for the siphon method is 1:16 parts coffee to water. Make sure you work the numbers before brewing. For this guide, we’ll use a 5-cup siphon. This will equate to 40 g of coffee and 640 g water (or use fill line indicated on bulb). Let’s get started. 


Step 1

Bring the water to a boil. In the meantime, you'll ready the coffee and rig. 


Step 2

Measure and grind 40 g coffee to a size just a bit finer than Kosher salt. 


Step 3

Drop the filter into the hopper and pull down on the chain/string until the filter is snug and secure in place. Make sure to hook the end of the chain/string to the bottom of the hopper’s neck. 


Step 4

Ensure there’s no moisture on the outside of the bulb then pour the heated water to the 5-cup fill line indicated on the bulb. 


Step 5

Loosely place the neck of the hopper inside the globe so that there is no seal made between the two compartments. The hopper should be resting at an angle. Apply high heat squarely underneath the bulb and wait for the water inside the bulb to come to a boil. 


Step 6

Once the water is boiling, securely seat the hopper in the mouth of the bulb. The neck of the hopper will fit entirely into the globe and water should flow from the bulb up into the hopper. It’s important to adjust the heat in a way such that the water in the hopper isn’t also boiling. Be careful not to decrease the heat so much that the water flows back down into the bulb. 


Step 7

Once you’ve found the heating sweet spot, ready your timer for 1 min 45 sec. Start the timer once you add the ground coffee. Stir the mixture 10 times. 


Step 8

After the time has elapsed, simultaneously cut the heat and stir the mixture 5 more times. The mixture should filter back down into the bulb. Remove the hopper, serve and enjoy!


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