As a child, I’d join my family at a small farm at the Alto de Gualanday. The other children and I would while away the day swimming, playing and laughing. We’d gather around the dinner table every evening for a delicious traditional Colombian meal prepared for us by the adults, and they’d sip the freshest brewed cafe. The smell of that rich, brewed drink can still take me back to childhood, erasing worries and evoking a happy, carefree mood.


Since then, I’ve dreamed of bringing that to the U.S. I wanted to gather those beans from my childhood home and share them with everyone I could. For decades, I nurtured my dream, planning and preparing, and today, that dream has become a reality. Our Colombian single-origin beans boast scores higher than 85 with superior freshness and rich flavors. All it takes is one cup, and we will change the way you see and experience your morning cup.

For some people, a cup of joe is nothing more than a highly effective wake-up call. For others, that same cup can be a warm blanket, a cozy conversation or a friendly gathering. For us, coffee is a way of life. We believe that this wonderful, flavorful bean brings people together and strengthens communities.


Although we call them beans, they’re really seeds that are tucked inside the cherry of the Arabica tree. These trees grow well in the rarefied atmosphere of Colombia. Although believed to have originated in Ethiopia, their beans were brought to South America by Jesuits in the mid-18th century.


Colombia’s wet, tropical climate, high altitude and volcanic soil create the ideal growing conditions for the Arabica tree. Within a century of introduction, the country had become a top exporter of this magical bean, and it continues to be in the top 3 exporters worldwide. The growing region is known for its rolling hills, picturesque villages and small farms, where these little cherries continue to be hand-picked.


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