Hand-Picked Beans

Arabica cherries ripen at different rates even on the same trees. Mechanical harvesting removes both the ripe and unripe cherries, lowering the overall quality of the finished product. We hand pick our cherries to ensure that we pick only those at the peak of freshness: plump, red and perfectly ripe.


We’ve perfected the art of hand-picking. We choose only the best cherries, and as soon as they are picked, they are processed immediately to prevent their natural sugars from breaking down. The first step is pulping the cherries to get the beans inside. This is done within hours of picking. Beans are fermented from eight to 16 hours and then flushed thoroughly to remove any remaining pulp. Washing the beans removes excess acid for a rich, smooth flavor and strong aroma. After drying and roasting, they’re ready to brew.


Maximum Freshness Guaranteed

Although many producers choose to ship their beans to the U.S., this can take weeks and compromise both flavor and freshness. We’ve found a better way. As soon as our beans have been roasted, we transport them immediately, flying them from our carefully chosen farms in Tolima, South America, directly to the United States. This allows us to preserve the freshness, flavor and superior quality of our beans.


Specialty Brews

Batches are subject to standardized grading so that consumers can have a predictably enjoyable experience with every sip. To grade, each sample is roasted, ground and prepared in specific ways and then evaluated on a 100-point scale. The samples receive points for aroma, taste, acidity, mouthfeel, consistency and aftertaste.


Our coffee is graded at least 85, and all of them are considered specialty brews. In fact, Colombia has become synonymous with specialty brews because of its ideal climate and environment.


Sourced from Single Origins

Each batch we produce is considered single origin. We carefully source our product from specific farms, and all necessary information to trace the beans to their place of origin is listed in our product descriptions and packaging. When you sip one of our fine specialty brews, it will never be a blend; you will always know exactly where and how it originated and what to expect from your experience.


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