What’s the Best Way to Prepare Coffee?

Even with the higher price tag, purchasing specialty beans and preparing them at home is much cheaper than getting your java jolt at a coffee shop. Many taste tests have been performed to determine the ultimate brewing method, and these three techniques frequently come out on top:


  • French press – Add grounds directly to this compact brewer before pouring in hot water. Stir vigorously and put the top on with the plunger pulled up. Brew for at least four minutes before pushing the plunger down and pouring the coffee.
  • Pour over – Several brands of pour-over pots are on the market, but they all operate the same way. Place a filter in the top part of the pot, add grounds, and slowly pour hot water over the coffee, starting in the middle and working your way out until it’s saturated. Pour the remaining water through slowly to finish.
  • Drip pots – Easy to use and quick to clean up, all you have to do to make a good cup of coffee in a drip pot is stick in a filter, add the grounds and fill the reservoir with water.


Water at 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended for pour-over and French press coffee. All brewing vessels should be cleaned thoroughly after use to ensure consistent flavor.


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