Is Specialty Coffee Superior?

Because of the strict standards and specific protocols applied to every stage of production, specialty brews have higher overall quality from bean to cup than commodity coffee. The result is a more delicious morning jolt, which a quick taste test can confirm. Side-by-side with commodity beans, specialty coffees win out with coffee connoisseurs every time.


To achieve this superiority, coffee is harvested at peak ripeness and sorted with a discerning eye. Only the best beans move on to skilled roasters with the knowledge necessary to ensure a high-quality finished product. Followed along the chain from harvester to seller, each batch of specialty beans has characteristics putting it a cut above commodity brands.


You can be sure you’ll get a delicious cup from specialty beans because of the “cupping” step in the production process. Before all beans in a batch are roasted, coffee is brewed to another set of standards set by the SCAA. These include rules for:


  • Time between roasting and cupping
  • Water used
  • Water temperature
  • Cup material
  • Grind size and timing
  • Amount of grounds per unit of water


By the time the coffee reaches your kitchen, someone else has already ensured it meets the standards required to earn the “specialty” designation.

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